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The Kingdome

The Kingdome in Seattle

Every trip I took to the Kingdome as a teenager was an adventure that inevitably turned into fond memories that I cherish to this day.  I remember sitting in the first row behind the goal post reaching over the railing to receive high fives from the Sea Gals and eagerly watching Steve Broussard return kickoffs, praying he would take one to the house.

I’ve experienced some great things in my years as a Seahawk Fanatic but it’s been awhile since I’ve approached a season with as much optimism as I have for this 2012 season.  In all honesty, optimism could potentially pave the way to disappointment but that’s what being a fan is all about, isn’t it?

During my high school years the Hawks posted a .500 record and limped through the Rick Mirer experiment in mediocre fashion; yet, it was in these years that the Seattle Seahawks etched their permanent spot into my life cycle.   To be fair, the teams of the early to mid 90s mediocrity made me an extremely resilient fan in most ways… a fact that made the team’s success after the turn of the millennium even sweeter.

If you are like me, the offseason is always torture and a true test of your ability to live your life without a steady stream of Seahawk material to absorb into your brain. My hope is that I supply you, the reader, with interesting posts that incite discussions and friendships through common interests and love for our Seattle Seahawks.

– Chris


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