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Seahawks Pre-Game

Week 7 @ San Francisco – A Fan’s Take

There is nothing better than watching our Seahawks play on prime time in front of the entire nation.  Well, I guess for me, it would be better to be in the United States so I could watch it at a normal time instead of 2:30am.  Nevertheless, I believe the Seahawks can pull out a big win on the road.  So without further adieu, here are my keys to victory:

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson – AP Photo

B E A S T M O D E – Live from San Francisco!  When the Hawk’s offense takes the field in a few hours, look for a healthy dose of Marshawn Lynch to be on full display at Candlestick Park.  The Niners come into tonight’s matchup ranked ninth in the NFL against the run averaging 92.7ypg.  Despite San Fran’s ability to stuff the run, it is important for Seattle to commit to a solid running game in order to setup the play action pass for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

First name Russell, last name Wilson – Game Management: We are unlikely to see as many downfield throws during this matchup as we saw in our Week 6 win over the New England Patriots.  However, depending on the success of the ground game, we may see our passing game open up.  The key to this game for Russell is commit NO TURNOVERS and take what the defense gives him while making decisive decisions on his reads.  All of Russell’s interceptions this season have come on the road so look for some improvement this week.   Even though we used Wilson outside the pocket more last week, I’d still like to see a few more plays designed for his strengths by getting him outside of the pocket to extend plays.

Alex Smith sacked during 26-3 loss to NY Giants – AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Score Early, Force Alex Smith to beat us. The N.Y. Giants had a winning formula last week against the 49ers and were highly successful at running the ball on this defense.  This is a team that does not like to play from behind and in all honesty isn’t really made for it.  Alex Smith looked rattled most of the game last week and made some mistakes in route to San Fran’s 26-3 loss at Candlestick Park.  Putting points on the board early and stuffing Frank Gore will force Alex Smith, a proven game manager, to force things in order to play catch-up.

Convert Turnover Opportunities on Defense: Seattle’s secondary picked off Tom Brady twice last week but had two or three other solid chances to interceptions which they did not convert.  This week, the Legion of Boom has to convert these chances while on the road and I like our chances using press coverage.  Disrupting the routes of Randy Moss and Mario Manningham will be critical to creating turnovers. We are boasting the biggest secondary in the NFL and our matchups against the SF WRs are favorable.  I’m looking for Smith to be picked off once or twice throughout the game tonight.  It is important for the Hawks to track Vernon Davis every play as he will always be favored over a LB moving back into coverage.

Hawks fans are looking for a big game from KR/PR Leon Washington – AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

Special Teams wins ball games!  Create turnovers and stay in your lane on KR and PR coverage.   As always, Leon Washington is a threat in the return game and we need him to be big on the road tonight.  Jon Ryan is having an outstanding year and is fourth in the NFL in average yards (50.7) and net yards (43.1).  The field position game is always big on the road and Mr. Ryan always delivers a great performance.

As always, I’m looking forward to tuning into the game tonight from Kleve, Germany!  Stay tune for an increase volume of posts from hawkstalkers.com!

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