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Seahawks face setback in defensive battle, lose 13-6 at Candlestick Park

Road losses in the NFL are always a tough pill to swallow especially when you feel that your team could have came out on top. The defensive struggle that Seattle experienced last night was a winnable game whose result left most Seahawk’s fans numb.  In essence, this game came down to dropped passes and a lack … Continue reading

Week 7 @ San Francisco – A Fan’s Take

There is nothing better than watching our Seahawks play on prime time in front of the entire nation.  Well, I guess for me, it would be better to be in the United States so I could watch it at a normal time instead of 2:30am.  Nevertheless, I believe the Seahawks can pull out a big … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Hawks Week 4 Performance in St. Louis

Finishing out the first quarter of the NFL season with a 19-13 loss on the road to the St. Louis Rams is anything but acceptable for most Seahawks fans.  Although I am a huge supporter of Head Coach Pete Carroll, I am finding it hard to buy into his current offensive play calling.  Here are … Continue reading

An Introduction from hawkstalkers.com

Every trip I took to the Kingdome as a teenager was an adventure that inevitably turned into fond memories that I cherish to this day.  I remember sitting in the first row behind the goal post reaching over the railing to receive high fives from the Sea Gals and eagerly watching Steve Broussard return kickoffs, praying he … Continue reading

It’s all about the “Big D” in the Emerald City: Independence Day Musings

Hawk’s fans, as you sit down to break bread with family, friends and a few people you probably can’t stand, take the time to ponder the upcoming season. It is likely that, on this particular day, you will be preoccupied with six cases of Natural Ice, a huge arsenal of noisemakers, aerial glitter bombs and … Continue reading